Aga Kiepuszewska

Born in 1984 in Słupsk, Poland, Aga Kiepuszewska excelled at classical piano before finally gravitating to singing. Her initial influences in classical music could hardly have presaged the jazz and alternative-electronic music. But those early influences helped to shape the delicate core at the heart of her musical adventures.

She traveled several times to France, frequenting the concerts of the classical french singers such as Juliette Gréco, Henri Salvador. That made her fell in love with french music. She was the winner of the prestigous Festival of French Songs in Poland.
In 2003 she entered Academy of Music in Poznań, where she focused on choir directing in many different styles including Orthodox Music, Renaissance and Baroque Music, European and American Contemporary Music. In 2007 she left Poznań and moved to Rome to study Early Music at Consevatorium di Santa Cecilia. In Siena, Toscany where she went on holiday she discovered jazz music during a jazz workshop. When she came to Poland she decided to move to the more inviting artistic milieu of Cracow. She has cooperated with Cracow Opera House, Joyful Voice Gospel Choir as a director, recorded with Soundcheck Quartet as a guest an jazz album „Marysia — wiersze z Kazachstanu”, writing original music with dutch pianist Maurits Roes and playing concerts in Poland, Russia and Holland. In the same time she entered Academy of Music in Katowice, the most prestigious university of jazz music in Poland. In 2013 she graduated with a degree in jazz singing.

In 2011 Aga Kiepuszewska decided to choose her own way — she wrote lyrics for her debut album, she cooperated with very talented young polish jazz composers Nikola Kołodziejczyk, Maciej „Kocin” Kociński and Kamil Urbański. The album entitled „Silence” was released September 10th, 2012 by Polish Radio label (Polskie Radio). She continues her exploration of own musical language, writing, composing new repertoire, and performing with Nikola Kołodziejczyk (piano, electronics live), Maciej Szczyciński (bass) and Robert Rasz (drums).