Soundcheck (band) Maciej Kocin Kociński - sax Krzysztof Dys - piano Andrzej Święs - bass Krzysztof Szmańda - drums Guests: Aga Kiepuszewska - vocal Dell'Arte String Quartet Antosia 'Anta

Marysia - wiersze z Kazachstanu

„The execution is exceptional, which is not surprising, as Soundcheck have already established a strong position on the Polish Jazz scene in the last few years. Naturally this music is less adventurous or freely improvised than their instrumental albums recorded previously, but that does not mean it is any less ambitious or complex or beautiful. The limitations involved with incorporating lyrics and music obviously did not present a serious challenge neither to the composer not to the players, and as a result they managed to create an uplifting, awe-inspiring, intelligent piece of music.